Blogs, especially blogs in the arts, generally sit at the ‘Here’s a cool thing I found!’ end of the internet, each one a sort of happy beach toddler returning at intervals with a palmfull of primordial goop.

The goop has its place, of course. My diet is almost entirely goop, and that’s okay. But what’s also nice is when it has had time to evolve into a fuller story and maybe even sprout a genuinely new idea. This is the holy grail of long-form internet writing. It’s the toddler returning from the far end of the beach dragging a narwhal.

This┬áblog, mostly on fiction and film via the history of ideas, is the narwhal. Or that’s the idea. Pieces will emerge at far longer intervals, but the beasts will be stranger. It’s also a┬áplace where I can note various writing projects and maybe even release material.

I was born in 1987 and live in London.