Patricide 7: Surrinema

The latest and sadly final issue of Patricide was released at the end of 2014. As ever it features a fantastically varied bevy of realia, from film scripts to photography to essays, this time on the theme of surrealism’s influence on cinema. Having emerged at a similar time, the two things in a way shared an adolescence and by all accounts were a right pair of reprobates.

Inside is a short story from myself about the final moments of poet Guillaume Apollinaire, who had a habit of speaking prophetically about everything he looked at, including surrealism (a term he coined) and those strange moving picture shows which were becoming so popular. There are pieces by maverick artists and thinkers in there – and it includes a free DVD video!




Dark Windows Press, publisher of Patricide and other great books, is unfortunately no more. But in typically enigmatic fashion it may be morphing into something else. As to what, who could say. Surrinema was recently spotted in the Tate Modern bookshop.